Creating a Kids’ Room

I was barely into my second trimester when I started getting the questions. First, the most obvious: “What are you having?” (A human, I hope.)

Next came the question that sent me into a cold sweat: “How are you going to decorate the baby’s room?”

I needed some inspiration, so I went to our local baby superstore. The place was packed from floor to ceiling with every theme imaginable – from ducks and teddy bears to Winnie the Pooh and Barney. You could find your favorite cartoon character on everything from sheets and curtains to diaper stackers and night-lights. After two hours of aimless wandering, I put away my empty shopping cart and left.

How to create a child’s room that is both peaceful and playful, both calming and cute? The answer was more obvious than the nose on Elmo’s face: Keep it simple! Kids’ rooms can be fabulous and fun without “character overload.”

Where to start? Here are 5 easy tips for decorating your child’s room:girls room

  1. Start with blue. Yes, blue! Blue is the perfect color to paint any child’s room. A peaceful blue makes a perfect starting place for either girls or boys.
  2. Keep it real. Themes from “real life” turn kids’ rooms into their own little world, one where imaginations can grow. Those blue walls you painted can be filled with clouds for airplanes to fly, or filled with grass for flowers to grow.
  3. Keep it clean. Don’t forget this room is for a child – a burping, spitting, wetting, and messing child. Keep all surfaces washable and cleanable. When buying bedding or sheets, get extras! If you’re hoping for brothers and sisters, solid sheets (instead of prints) are easier to pass along to the next child’s theme.
  4. Do a little at a time. When you bring your little baby home from the hospital, he/she probably won’t notice the wallpaper border you spent late nights hanging. Your child’s interests will certainly change during the years, so create a backdrop that can easily “grow” with your child. Start with a basic blue wall, maybe some green grass or white clouds, and add the rest a little at a time – an airplane or car here, a flower or butterfly there. Your child will have fun finding the new little “surprises” in the room! As they grow, they will have fun helping you add ideas of their own.
  5. You can still make room for friends. Now that you have a simple and fun backdrop, you have room for all their friends! Winnie the Pooh can sit and eat honey in the green grass, JayJay the airplane can fly in the blue sky, and Dora and Boots can peek out from behind the flowers. With less stress for you and more fun for your child, you should all sleep better.
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